Associating Credentials to Tags

How to associate previously created credentials to tags in order to run authenticated scans on the tagged assets.

Credentials must be associated to pre-existing tags in Delve in order to run authenticated (whitebox) scans.

All the assets categorized under the tag to which the credentials are associated will be scanned with authentication using these credentials.

You can associate credentials to tags by going to the "Settings" panel and clicking the "Tags" link in any of the teams present in the "Team settings" box.

In the "Manage tags" panel displayed on the right, you can use the "Edit" (pen icon) button to modify the credentials associated to a specific tag.

In the "Edit tag" menu that appears, you can associate one or more credentials to the tag being edited. Associated credentials will then be displayed in the list of tags.

⚠️ Tags that have credentials associated will have a left blue border visible throughout Delve.