Installing Edge Services Virtual Machines

Minimal hardware and networking requirements to setup newly created Edge Services.

Once you have downloaded either a generic Edge Service or a fully pre-configured Edge Service, you can proceed with its installation steps and following these minimal hardware and networking requirements.

The new VM does not need to have an OS installed by you through an ISO, the disk image already has an OS installed on it.


Minimal hardware recommendation for your Virtual Machine:

  • OS (if requested by your virtualization platform): Linux/64b (Ubuntu)
  • 50GB Hard Disk space
  • SCSI controller LSI logic
  • Memory & CPU can be set depending on the number of expected concurrent scans:
    • Lightweight: 768 Mb, 1-2 VCPU  (occasional scans)
    • Small: 2 Gb, 2 VCPUs (100 scans/day)
    • Medium: 4 Gb, 4 VCPU (200-500 scans/day)
    • Large: 8 Gb, 8 VCPU (500+ scans/day)

Networking requirements for your Edge Service connectivity:

  • IPv4 Address
  • DNS access/forwarding (UDP/TCP 53)
  • Regular Internet Access (TCP 80/443)
  • UDP outbound on the specified port visible in Delve's Interface towards


VMWare ESXi Specific Instructions
If you have requested an ESXi image please follow the additionnal steps as described in the ESXi guide.


Once your Edge Service is started, you should see a VM console with our logo at the top:


Follow the rest of the instructions according to your choice of running a generic Edge Service or a fully pre-configured Edge Service.