Creating New Users

You can create new users for your organization by going to the "Settings" panel and clicking the "Users" link in the "System settings" box.

In the "Manage users" panel displayed on the right, use the "+" button to add a new user.

  • First/Last Name - The user's first and last name.
  • Email - The email the user will be using to log into Delve
  • Account Type:
    • User - A regular account without access to system settings.
    • Administrator - A privileged account that can create/modify/delete Teams, Users and Edge Services.
  • Password - Chose a secure password with a proper level of complexity. Passwords are stored as one-way iterated hashes and therefore non-recoverable; However, administrators may change user's passwords at any time.

⚠️ It is important to note that newly created users are not added to a specific team by default. You should add newly created members to a team (Team owners only) with the correct Team access rights.