Delve Release Notes

See what are the changes we've done in the platform for each release.


  • Addition of the prioritization graph on the Delve AI dashboard and the vulnerability listing. Per-vulnerability, predicted remediation time and exploit URLs are also presented in the applicable sections.
  • The vulnerability listing now includes the same asset information as the asset listings, including tags, edge service, access to HAR, etc.
  • The vulnerability listing also presents the open ports and an indicator when a note is set on the vulnerability.
  • Remediation management is now enabled for all customers.
  • Password creation now has a password strength meter.
  • Twitter data feeds are now being polled to get trends and provide additional external context to prioritization.


  • Addition of the interactive prioritization graph in the asset listings.
  • Fixed an issue with the empty filter.
  • Additional improvements to discovery with improved conflict resolution when mapping discoveries to the current model.
  • 15-minute edge interface now validates the DNS servers to make sure they respond.
  • Added an exploit publication prediction factor to the prioritization.