Delve Release Notes

See what are the changes we've done in the platform for each release.


  • Improved Data Connector performance
  • New Data Connector is now compatible with Web assets
  • Improved display of Netbios Hostname when mismatching hostname
  • Improved scan resiliency on slow response assets


  • New initial release of an integrated vulnerability & asset data migration tool
  • New detections added for older CVEs being newly exploited
  • Updated Vane architecture for more release agility
  • Improved asset fingerprinting data display


  • Improved API vulnerability identifiers with more trackability
  • Improved logging output for certain authenticated scans with conflicting results
  • Addressed issues with empty elements returned in the API
  • Improved OVAL parsing for certain compressed formats


  • New tag existence search grammar keyword
  • Improved existing data ingestion connectors
  • Improved the scoping of remediation plans per team
  • Improved display of machine identifiable elements in the interface
  • Additional API parameters to auto-launch scans on asset creation


  • New vulnerability variation graph severity breakdown & detail
  • Improved PDF reporting for single assets, scoring & hostname data
  • New SSO function for RC TDR
  • Product rebranding


  • New auto-cleanup function for unreachable assets
  • New Remediation Plan filtering mechanism
  • Improved timeline tracking for Remediation Plans
  • Improved API Client ID removal mechanism
  • New API parameters for ranges scan frequency configuration


  • Improved fixed vulnerability tracking within Remediation Plan context
  • Enhanced custom data connector capabilities
  • New Webhooks-based reporting API calls available


  • New CVSS/CPS-based search function for specific assets
  • Improved scoring reporting in CSV exports
  • Improved Remediation Plan historical tracking
  • New custom data connector available


  • New API Endpoints for bulk scan actions
  • New self-training tours
  • Improved Remediation Plan asset listing
  • New fingerprint data search function


  • Full markdown notes can be added to Remediation Plans
  • AWS Inspector Connector available to the Prioritization Engine


  • Exploit Publication Prediction Score and Vulnerability Trend Score  
  • Specify deadlines for Remediation plans


  • Prioritization graph in the Remediation section
  • Dashboard metrics are now available in the public API


  • New Connector for the importation of third-party data
  • Added a search field when adding users to a team
  • Display of prediction probability for factors


  • Search filters in software/port lists
  • Clearer factors display
  • Tours for new users


  • Removal of team selection in the UI for teams with only a single team
  • Exposed port and binary path information shown in the software panel
  • Sorting of vulnerabilities within a group
  • New parameter for PowerBI compatibility


  • Listing of fingerprints used for asset identification
  • New status page and notifications available at
  • Translation of API messages
  • Font size adjustment on the dashboard


  • French version of the interface (excluding reports and vulnerability details).
  • Improved exploit URL display
  • Additional grammar rules to filter vulnerabilities by discovery and last seen date
  • Addition of Edge Service management in the Public API


  • New link to view vulnerability details in the Vulnerabilities tab rather than in a side-panel.
  • List of vulnerabilities found in past reports are available with a drop-down from the asset listing page.
  • Custom date picker added to filter dashboards over a specific timeframe.


    • Addition of the prioritization graph on the Delve AI dashboard and the vulnerability listing. Per-vulnerability, predicted remediation time and exploit URLs are also presented in the applicable sections.
    • The vulnerability listing now includes the same asset information as the asset listings, including tags, edge service, access to HAR, etc.
    • The vulnerability listing also presents the open ports and an indicator when a note is set on the vulnerability.
    • Remediation management is now enabled for all customers.
    • Password creation now has a password strength meter.
    • Twitter data feeds are now being polled to get trends and provide additional external context to prioritization.


    • Addition of the interactive prioritization graph in the asset listings.
    • Fixed an issue with the empty filter.
    • Additional improvements to discovery with improved conflict resolution when mapping discoveries to the current model.
    • 15-minute edge interface now validates the DNS servers to make sure they respond.
    • Added an exploit publication prediction factor to the prioritization.


    • Exploit Publication Prediction Score and Vulnerability Trend Score  
    • Specify deadlines for Remediation plans