Addressing Edge Service Connectivity Issues

Here are a few steps that should be taken in order to address potential Edge Service connectivity issues.

  1. Make sure you have configured the machine according to the required hardware & network settings.
  2. Verify that the created VM has a network adapter, and that any software-defined networking options on the host (vSwitches, local NATing, etc.) do not interfere with the IP addressing that was decided & configured for your ES.
  3. Reboot the VM in order to try and address potential network hang issues.
  4. Make sure you can ping the machine from another machine locally, for instance from a machine that it is supposed to be scanned through the E.S.
  5. Make sure you don't have any firewall rule that is blocking outbound OR inbound connectivity to your E.S. Search in your firewall logs to look for the E.S.'s internal IP or our public IP range documented here, to find out what could be blocking it.
  6. If after all these steps the E.S. is still not connecting:
    1. Copy your Edge Service UUID from its console (TTY).
    2. Take a screenshot from the same console.
    3. Contact us to request help and include both of these in the ticket.