Generic Edge Service Images

Here are the links to download generic Edge Service disk images in compressed format.

You should be downloading these images only if you have followed the procedure to generate and install a generic post-configured Edge Service.

Choose the right download according to your virtualization platform. You can also verify the download integrity with the corresponding published hashes.

⚠️ Note that these images are not full-hardware VM image, but disk/storage images to associate to a VM of your choice, scaled to your desired scanning capacity following these CPU/Memory requirements.

Image Type Virtualization Platforms Download Link Hash Link Download Size Extracted Size
VMWare VMDK ESXi, vSphere Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB
Microsoft VHDX Hyper-V, AWS Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB
Microsoft VHD Azure, AWS Download Sha256 ~3GB ~52GB
QCOW2 KVM, QEMU Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB
RAW AWS Download Sha256 ~3GB ~52GB
VDI Oracle Virtualbox Download Sha256 ~3GB ~8GB