How to setup SAML2 SSO with Azure AD

Please contact us first if you wish to enable SSO, then follow the simple procedure below.

Initial Configuration

In Azure, click on Azure Active Directory in the left side menu :

Then on the left pane, choose Entreprise applications

You now get a few options, choose Non-gallery application :

You can use any name you wish for the application, for this example we used Delve SSO.

Click on Assign users and groups.

You need to add and assign at least one user that matches an existing account e-mail on Delve :

SSO Setup

You can now set up the SSO, to do this simply select Set up single sign on in the application main page :

Choose the SAML option

Here you only have to set up an Identifier ID  and the Reply URL which will be provided by Delve.


Our Support team will request the Metadata URL at the same time we provide you with the Reply URL, you can copy and send us the App Federation Metadata URL.

SSO Login

Once we give you confirmation that SSO is enabled on our end, you should be able to login by accessing the Delve login page and switching to SAML as shown below :

The Domain could vary based on your setup but it is usually :