Finding, Filtering and Sorting Vulnerabilities

How to find desired vulnerabilities in the vulnerabilities view using the filters and search field.

From the Vulnerabilities view of Delve, you can use a free-form search field and an extensive set of filters to easily find and sort vulnerabilities based on their characteristics.

This view presents a list of filters with checkboxes on the left side, a search field on top of the view and a list of vulnerabilities presented in sortable columns.




Using the search field

At the top of this view you will find a free-form search field that you can use to find vulnerabilities by name, by CVE number, by URL (Websites) or by IP/Hostname (Servers). The search query will trigger when three or more characters are typed in.

You can use basic search terms, but a more complete search grammar supporting Advanced search queries is also supported.

Using filters

On the left side of the Vulnerabilities view, you can use a combination of filters to better refine the displayed assets.

When making selections in different filter sections, filtering will be exclusive: assets must match both filters to be displayed. Selections in the same filter section is additive: assets matching at least one of the filters will be displayed.

Vulnerabilities Filters:

  • Severity - Filter vulnerabilities based on their severity level (Critical, Medium, Warning, Info), see Consulting scan results for more details on vulnerability classification.
  • Tags - Filter vulnerabilities based on their tags (see Creating new tags for information on tags management).
  • Type - Filter vulnerabilities based the type of asset they affect (Website or Server).
  • Edge Service - Filter assets based on the Edge Service through which they are accessible (see Reaching firewalled & internal assets).
Vulnerabilities can also be found by entering their complete CVE number into the search field of the Vulnerabilities view.