Improving Scan Results & Prioritization

How to mark false positives, change vulnerability severity and other actions on vulnerabilities to improve scan results & dynamic prioritization.

Marking false positives

To improve false positive detection, Delve makes extensive use of Artificial Intelligence that can easily be trained by the security expert.

In the Report detail view, vulnerabilities can be marked as false positive with a single click of a button.




Once a vulnerability has been marked as a false positive, it will be removed from the report and vulnerability count and be marked as such at the bottom of the Report detail view:




Updating vulnerability severity

In the Report detail view, vulnerabilities severity can be modified in order to better represent the security experts analysis that could include the context of potential exploitation.

After having selected the vulnerabilities to be modified, click on the "Update Severity" button and choose the new severity level to be applied to those vulnerabilities.




Once the severity of a vulnerability has been updated, it will show in the corresponding section in the report and vulnerability count for that asset.