Navigating the interface

Using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) go to the URL provided with your login information.




Upon reaching the Delve login page, enter your email address as your username and the password that was provided to you. Passwords are case-sensitive and non-recoverable.

When you are logged into Delve you will be presented with a Dashboard view:




If you are logging in Delve for the first time, the Dashboard will be displayed with placeholders for information but with no information displayed.

You can use the Main menu to navigate between the different views in Delve:




The different views usually follow the same layout pattern with filters on the right, a search field just below the main menu, and a list of elements given in the center of the page.

The following views can be accessed by clicking on the Main menu:

  • Vulnerabilities - The latest vulnerabilities the system was able to find for all the scanned assets. See Filtering and finding vulnerabilities for more information on filtering and finding vulnerabilities.
  • Websites - Search and filter through all the websites / web applications configured into Delve. See Filtering and finding assets for more information on filtering and finding websites.
  • Servers - Search and filter through all the servers / machines configured into Delve. See Filtering and finding assets for more information on filtering and finding servers.
  • Auto discovery - Use this view to add, schedule and launch Auto discoveries on specific subnet ranges. See Adding assets using auto discovery for more information on using the Auto discovery to add new assets.
  • Schedule - Use this view to display and manage upcoming scheduled scans. See Scheduling Scans for more information on scheduling scans.

At the right side of the Main menu, use the Team selector to navigate between team views and consult a subset of information contextualized for every team:








Teams are an essential part of Delve. They allow organizations to segregate assets between different groups where different users have specific privileges. Note that assets can only be present on one team for the same organization.

More information about creating teams is given in the Creating new teams (Administrators only) section.
More information about managing user privileges is given in the Creating new users (Administrators only) section.

From the Main menu, you can also access the System menu by clicking on the Account circle:




Use the System menu to:

  • Access the settings panel where you can manage users, teams, Edge Services and notifications.
  • Access the activity log, to review & audit all past activities in the system.
  • Disable the Auto Refresh for the interface
  • Activate the Emergency Stop (see Emergency Stop)
  • Find information about your license and installation type.
  • Sign Out of Delve.