Scheduling Scans

There are three ways of scheduling asset scans: by using the Auto discovery automatic scheduling, which is the easiest and quickest way, by scheduling assets individually and through bulk scheduling.

Auto discovery scheduling

By adjusting the Discovered assets default scan frequency in the Auto discovery settings, Delve can automatically schedule scans on newly discovered assets without further action. Refer to Adding assets using the Auto discovery for more information.

Manual scheduling

After clicking on a specific asset row from the Websites or Server view, you can use the action menu that appears at the top of the right pane to edit this specific asset schedule.


In the displayed menu, you can define the scan schedule according to the following parameters:


Form fields description

  • Period - The desired scan frequency (daily, weekly or monthly). The more frequent the scans, the quicker you can react to new vulnerabilities.
  • Day of Week / Day of Month - For weekly or monthly schedule, select which day the scan should be initiated.
  • Start Time - The time (in your local timezone) at which the scan will be initiated.
  • Kill Time - The time (in your local timezone) at which the scan should be forcefully stopped if it has not yet finished. This will cause the scan to finish with an error. An error icon will be displayed as explained in Consulting scan results.
  • Retries - If the scan fails (for instance if the asset stopped responding), select how many retries Delve will perform.
  • Retry delay on failure- The number of times Delve will wait before retrying to scan the asset following a failure.

Bulk scheduling

It is possible to schedule multiple assets at once by selecting multiple assets from the Websites or Servers view and use the action menu that appears at the top of the view to schedule those assets.


In the given menu, you can define the schedule according to the period of your choice (daily, weekly, monthly) and Delve will automatically conduct the scans over the selected period. 
Once the scheduling has been completed, a notification will appear at the bottom left corner.

You can select ALL assets (even those not immediately visible) by clicking on the topmost checkbox at the left side of the column headers.