Using the OKTA Authorization Server with Delve

How to setup OKTA authentication in Single Page App mode in order to use it instead of Delve's built-in authenticator.

Follow this guide to create your application inside OKTA so it can use your own authorization server to use Delve.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Login into your OKTA Admin account. The URL should be something like https://<your-domain>
  2. Click on the Applications menu, then click Add Application button
  3. Select Single-Page App as your platform
  4. Fill the form with the following information:
    1. Name: Delve by Delve Labs
    2. Base URIs: https://<your-domain>
    3. Login Redirect URIs:
      1. https://<your-domain> (for Warden UI) 
      2. https://<your-domain> (for Delve Public-API)
    4. Group assignments: Any group you to give access to Delve
  5. Once completed, make sure the provided information is correct
  6. Send this info to Delve Labs
    1. OKTA Domain i.e.:
    2. OKTA App Client ID